Anderson D. Smith

Anderson D. Smith

General Information


Professor of Psychology

Regents Professor of Psychology and Vice Provost for
Undergraduate Studies and Academic Affairs

Research Area

Cognitive Aging


Ph.D. (1970) Experimental Psychology
University of Virginia

J S Coon building 130
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My research interests focus on adult age differences in memory. I want to know what about memory changes as we grow older and what are the causes for those changes. Recently, I have been interested in how context helps, or hurts, younger and older adults with episodic recall. Our research is showing that context can be either facilitative or distracting, and seems to affect memory regardless of age. Older people, however, are not as influenced by contextual factors when the context is not well-integrated with the to-be-remembered information. Other research is examining how cognitive mechanisms may be responsible for much of the age-related variance in memory performance across a variety of tasks. I am also interested in non-human primate models of memory aging.


  • American Psychological Association (Fellow)
  • American Psychological Society (Charter Member and Fellow)
  • Gerontological Society (Fellow)
  • Psychonomic Society

Selected publications

  • Smith, A.D. (1996). Memory. In J.E. Birren & K.W. Schaie (Eds.) Handbook of the Psychology of Aging, Fourth Edition. San Diego, CA: Academic Press, Inc..
  • McCabe, D. P., Robertson, C. L., & Smith, A.D.  (2005).  Age differences in Stroop interference in working memory,  Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology,  27,  633-644.
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  • McCabe, D. P., Presmanes, A. G., Robertson, C. L., & Smith, A. D.  (2005)  Item-specific processing reduces false memories.  Psychological Bulletin and Review, 11, 1074-1079
  • Smith, A. D. (2006).  Memory and aging.  In J. E. Birren (Ed.).  Encyclopedia of Gerontology.  Oxford:  Elsevier.
  • Smith, A. D. (In press).  Memory and Memory Theory. In R. Schulz (Ed.).  Encyclopedia of Aging.  New  York:  Springer.

Frequently Taught Courses

  • PSYC 3303 General Psychology
  • PSYC 4025 Psychology of Aging
  • PSYC 7700 Professional Problems
  • Seminar: Memory and Aging