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Psychology is generally defined as the science of mind and behavior, and therefore psychology can easily be seen as the primary science of who we are as active, agentic human beings. Other social and behavioral sciences study human outcroppings, the social structures created by humans or the artifacts created and deposited by humans over time, as examples. Life sciences study the mechanisms that support human life. Only psychology focuses its scientific lens on the human being as the being we understand ourselves to be. As a science we’re a young field, not more than 150 years old. But the fundamental questions of psychology, questions about thinking and feeling, about people’s innate capacities to adapt to and create the world they live in, these questions are the enduring questions of humankind. Our science is the science of ourselves.

Here at Georgia Tech we do research at the forefront of that science and apply that research to important problems of everyday life. We are committed to sharing our knowledge and excitement about psychology with every student or colleague who comes our way.

As most websites do, our website will give you the information you need to become a major, to apply to our graduate program or to contact faculty and staff. But we also hope it will do something more. We hope it will teach you something about the exciting field of psychology by exposing you to the varied and creative research being done by our faculty and students. On our website you’ll learn about research on spatial memory and age related cognitive declines in aging adults, about psychological processes involved in the acquisition of sign language, about emotional experiences in the workplace, about neural processes of memory, about humans interacting with technology, and about many other fascinating topics of human nature.

We hope that by helping you explore some of the research problems we find interesting you’ll become as excited about the future of psychology as we are.

Howard M. Weiss
Professor and School Chair

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