Construction Begins for Campus Center Project

At last, this month, signs have gone up across the southwest sector of campus to indicate the start of the Campus Center construction project. The Campus Center project, which will expand the Student Center’s footprint and services, will encompass a 15-acre site from the Campus Recreation Center (CRC) to the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons, with four new buildings accompanying a significant renovation to the existing Student Center. The outdoor space between buildings will be punctuated by a series of walks, plazas, and opportunities for social, creative, intellectual, and restorative engagement. 

In order to minimize disruption to the campus community and help ensure continuity of services during construction, the design-build team came up with a staged approach that consists of two construction phases. Phase I of the construction project will focus on the development of the four new buildings: an exhibition hall, two pavilions, and a standalone café. When Phase II of the Campus Center project will focus on renovating the existing Student Center building, and is expected to begin in summer 2020. While details about Phase II of the project are still being finalized, the team anticipates completing the entire Campus Center project in late 2022. 

More information about the Campus Center project can be found at